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Sneak peek into my next release

Sneak peek into my next release

I’m back!!!! After more than a year battling Facebook for my hacked author page, I came to the conclusion I’ve have to begin from the ground again.

Hackers stole my page, all of my likes and followers, then renamed the page. Facebook never helped me require. They also refuse to verify my page again until I have over 5000 likes and followers. It’s a long process. It’s been rough.

If you haven’t already, please click this link and like or follow my new page. It looks like the old one, with way less saved material.

I’ve missed you all. As a thanks, I’m sharing the first two chapters of my upcoming release. Enjoy!

*This is an unedited preview. All rights owned by Jennifer Foor. Not to be copied or shared for the purpose of profit.*

18 years before…

He can’t believe he’s doing it. His heart races like it’s going to explode from his chest. He’s still having difficulty catching his breath after the altercation with his father. This was the last straw, the nail in the closing coffin. He knew it even before this happened. Even before the winning touchdown pass was intercepted, and he didn’t care what the repercussions would be. He was half-tempted to throw the whole damn game. He wouldn’t be taking the football scholarship to North Carolina University. He wouldn’t follow in his own father’s footsteps. That had been decided months ago when he made the choice to follow his own passions; lust. Had it not been for her, for the person approaching his old Ford truck with the Bulldog’s decal across the back window, maybe things would have been different. She came into his life like the storm raging in the distant corn fields. He smirks when he notices she hasn’t changed out of her Knight’s cheerleader uniform, her blonde curls bob up and down as she hurries. There wasn’t time for either of them to change. He was able to remove his own shoulder pads and take off his cleats, but the grass-stained jersey and once white game pants cling to his sweaty skin.
They had only a small opportunity to escape their impending futures; the ones their families’ wanted for them. Soon they’d be sought out. Soon everyone would discover their secret. Soon nothing else would matter except the future they’d make together.
James knew this choice would forfeit everything, his academic future, but most of all, his loving family. They only wanted what they thought was best for him, he understood that. They only wanted him to make mature choices after so many recent mistakes, and he also understood that as well. They wanted him to graduate and marry his girlfriend, who he’d recently decided he no longer had love for. His God-fearing father ordered him to do the right thing, even though his distaste for her family was well-known, her predicament left no other choice. Except James’ change of heart, or needless to say, one particular person, left him changing directions no matter the consequence. Once they touched for the first time, kissed, discovered intimacy with one another, nothing in the world could deter him. James laid eyes on the beauty approaching him, all while knowing his future was going to take a different path, even if this secret romance caused more friction and hate, even when he’d already made a lifelong promise to his current girlfriend, which was definitely not the one moving rapidly in his direction.

Being the captain of the football team had molded him into a natural leader with narcissistic tendencies. James never denied being a dick to many of his peers. He felt as if he was above them and they should follow his lead. He felt like he could have anything he wanted, including someone else’s girl – a girl that he’d be forbidden to associate with no matter the excuse. This situation would cause his family additional stress and burdens, especially in his current situation, since the person he’d fallen in love with was the best friend of who he was leaving behind.
Being together was the ultimate sin. Rival families’ with their own little church of congregational followers backing them, hypocritical asshats unable to move forward from a feud that began before their own births. They knew once they chose this path how it would end; a future together, far away from here, or two hearts forced to be severed. He couldn’t imagine living close and seeing what he would be unable to have.
The choice was easy, immediate. Neither of the two had regrets. All they wanted was to be together, no matter what they had to do to make it happen – who they were going to hurt. They knew it was selfish. It would be the last time they contacted anyone they loved, because after this drastic decision they’d no longer be accepted.
Maybe someday the feuding would stop. Maybe one day they’d be able to return, but there was too much doubt to hope at this point. His father would never approve of this. He’d cheated on the girl he was being forced to marry – with her best-friend, and on top of that with a relative of someone his entire family detested. He’d break his parents’ hearts, and not only leave them reeling with problems, but also presumed of never being able to understand how he could be so insensitive and compulsive.
They’d cleared out their savings for a combined seven hundred and thirty two dollars. It was all they had to escape with. It was all they needed. James would find work. Even if they had to rent out a trailer for the first year, he’d give them a good life. Macy was worth it. He’d never loved someone like this before. He’d never felt like they shared lungs to breathe. He’d never wanted to give up everything just for a chance to be with someone. He knew it in every bone of his body that she was it for him. He would love her until the day he left this earth and maybe even beyond. Their parents couldn’t stop what was happening between them. They were in love and nothing else mattered.
Macy Bristow wasn’t just the girl from his rival school. Her father was the only Baptist preacher in the town of Dawson Township, while James’ father was the mayor of the neighboring town. The man came from one of the founding families. The man also coached his town’s football team. The two parents’ had been enemies way before they played each other in high school themselves. Apparently, there was repeated history between both of their ancestors. It started with a dispute over land hundreds of years ago where James’s great-grandfather shot one of Macy’s relatives which happened to be located on an old Indian burial ground. According to lore every twenty years something horrific would occur involving the two families, whether it be years of bad luck, or the loss of loved ones.
Some know it as a legend, others a curse. James didn’t believe any of it, rather assuming it was some ploy to keep the towns segregated.
Since then, the neighboring towns have refused to associate. When you have a combined population of a mere few thousand people, it’s quick for people to stick together. In this case, the on-going war showed no signs of ending. Currently, James’ father was trying to buy out more poverty-stricken farm land from Dawson Township, causing rising turmoil with the town-folk there. It was like it was a silent law no one was willing to break. They were born and taught to hate them, the murder and history still discussed like it happened yesterday.
In James’ whole life he’d never heard of anyone from his town having friendships with the people of Dawson Township, not until he began dating Megan. They’d met out of state during summer break, later discovering where each lived. Dating Megan was a huge issue. Unapproving parents, rebel kids, normal cliched actions. Megan’s predicament led them to the decision of marriage, leaving James with no choice but to abide.
The problem was, he’d already met her best friend, Macy. From the beginning he felt something electric between them. He and Megan were arguing all the time. Both knew the trouble they’d caused, and they’d had regrets. Now the adults were forcing them to make a life-long decision neither were ready for. In James’ opinion, they’d all pushed him into the arms of understanding Macy.
Months later time is running out. Megan is starting to show. Abortion was never an option for her family. James was sick of walking into his house and seeing the disappointment in his own parents’ eyes. He couldn’t stand being near them any longer. Escaping this was cowardly, but his only option.
No one would understand.
No one would forgive them.
They’d never approve of this relationship, or the both of them choosing to run off together in order for it to happen.
James and Macy could only hope this would somehow make the feuding people see their flaws and come together for the love of their children. If they could see past the blurred lines of history, maybe they’d eventually be the change everyone needed, and perhaps in time they’d allow them to return.
He was sure he couldn’t be the only man to love a woman when he wasn’t supposed to. He didn’t understand the rules of love. He didn’t make them, but he certainly couldn’t control the way he felt about Macy.
Saying sorry to Megan would never be enough. They’d betrayed her heart, her friendship, and probably ruined her future. They would be hated, if not forever, for a very long time.

Macy climbs in the truck and slams the old heavy metal door shut. She huffs and brings her small bag onto her lap before leaning over and placing a kiss on his cheek. “I heard someone calling my name in the locker room. We need to hurry up.”
James puts the truck in drive and pulls out of the high school parking lot. He wouldn’t be heading through this town to break free. He’d head north and drive until they couldn’t go any further. He had to do this, because he wasn’t just running from his parents, but a situation that could destroy his future with Macy. He only hoped Megan would make the right decision when she realized he was never coming back to her, to the mess they’d made.

The rain starts to barrel down in the opposite direction they’re driving. Visibility becomes impossible, but James knows stopping would only allow people to catch up to them. He places his foot on the gas and grips the steering wheel a bit tighter. “Let’s just get a couple hours in and then we’ll stop until the weather clears,” he tells a worried Macy.
She turns and starts searching for the strap to the seat belt. When he notices it’s stuck in the door, James unstraps his own and reaches over to pull it free for her. It’s this exact moment that seals their futures. It’s this exact moment, both without safety belts, an eighteen wheeler blows the horn. Before James can realize he’s crossed the yellow line the sound of metal smashing begins, ending in total darkness.

Both lives were lost.
Both families told they’d died instantly.
Both towns rocked with another loss they would never forget.

Chapter 1

It’s the call you never want to get, the whirlwind of shock and adrenaline, the gut-wrenching pull of worry and despair. Like a lasso becoming a noose, the muscles in my throat begin to constrict. It’s a strain to swallow, not just for the first few seconds, but many that follow. It’s hard to wrap my head around this sudden unexpected news. In the pit of my stomach only one phrase continues to repeat. NOT AGAIN!
My family has lost enough. We’ve fought for every last breath for as long as history can provide. Death and destruction follows us like we’re cursed, or somehow doomed to repeat the devastation until we no longer remain. The morose opinions of my family and ancestors tell tales of heartbreak and loss. What’s worse, every single time a story is told there is someone, or should I say, one place to blame.
The smell of the emergency room waiting area reminds me of getting vaccinations as a child. Though some might argue I’m still an adolescent, my eighteenth birthday will soon arrive and, unlike my brainwashed kin, I need to vacate this town and its so-called curse the first chance I get.
Here lies the problem with my futuristic goals; Everyone who tries to leave, for whatever reason, dies, or becomes so gravely injured the attempt is never made again. The few in my family that do make it out never return. One might think I’m exaggerating. As I sit here pleading with God for the life of my brother, I can recount several instances where facts outweigh fiction. Details of these sad truths are too much to focus on during this trying time. I have to keep my mind clear of what’s been drilled into my head since birth. I have to believe we aren’t all doomed to a fate worse each passing moment.

Sweat beads at my temples, and as I wipe it away I notice how clammy my skin feels. My teeth are chattering, but I’m not cold. If anything, this waiting room is stuffy and could use a ceiling fan or window open. Refusing to look any of my family directly in the eye, I focus on a plant in a large blue pot. The intricate etching around the edge of the rim make me think of waves in the ocean, and I desperately try to take my mind to a happier place. Unfortunately, every happy moment in my life has been spent beside my brother, who lies helpless in the Emergency department just steps away.
It still feels like it’s not real. This has to be another reoccurring nightmare, brought on by that peanut and chocolate yummy goodness we created in the microwave while everyone else was sleeping. Maybe the combination of the two ingredients have led me down a rabbit hole of self-doubt and bereavement. It wouldn’t be the first time I awoke thinking something felt all-too real.
A heat vent next to the potted plant must kick on, because the leaves on the green vegetation start to blow. I watch each leaf and study the detail, at least that’s what I’m pleading with my brain to focus on. The more I want to memorize each line and stem, the more I’m reminded this is pointless and just wasting time, because reality is a bitch and I’m stuck right in the center of said bitch.
Just to prove a point, I take my black manicured fingernails and dig them into the soft part of my wrist. I pressed until indentations form and remain. The pain rips through me, though I keep doing it. This act proves my worst fears. I’m not dreaming. My brother was jumped and left on the side of a highway road in a ditch. The only reason someone found him was because they spotted his letterman jacket and stopped to retrieve it from blowing across the road. They easily could have missed seeing him, so my best guess was that he was in such extreme pain that his sheer screams of agony allowed him to be discovered.

That lump in my throat begins to feel like vomit. I’m sickened just picturing someone being so blatantly demented to think anyone could survive a winter’s night in a frozen ditch while beaten and bruised. What’s worse, my family is already naming names. Fingers have been pointed. Law enforcement have been notified, but because they already label my family as false accusers, I doubt they’ll take anything more than a grain of salt. We’ve cried wolf more often than probably anyone in our small populated town of roughly two thousand, where everyone knows everyone. Maybe that’s why my grandfather especially assumes this is the work of that other town’s people.
Someone places a firm hand on my shoulder and squeezes. If only they knew that human contact makes my emotions triple. It’s like a single touch gives my body the okay to break down and lose control. The one hand becomes a full-fledged hug the second sobs being to pour out of me. “It’s going to be okay. They found him in time.” My father’s words run cold as they enter the air between. He’s exhausted, and hope is all he has left, after everything else, he’s hanging on to whatever he can.
I pull away from him and walk over to the large oval-shaped floor to ceiling windows facing the vast parking lot. It’s dark in the wee hours of the morning, the hour unbeknownst to me, the only thing I’m able to see is my own reflection. My appearance startles me. This isn’t the person enjoying herself hours before with Jessie by side. We’d snuck where we weren’t supposed to be, which somehow always feels exhilarating and dangerous. If only I knew for sure that going where we weren’t supposed to go has led us to this exact moment, or if the assumptions of my family are biased and we’re blaming the wrong people for this terrible occurrence.

Thanks for reading. Although I don’t have an exact release date, I anticipate the book to come out late spring early summer. Stay Tuned.

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Official Cover Reveal

Title: Displaced
Author: Jennifer Foor

Custom Photo by Toski Covey Photography
Cover Design by Creative Publications

Mom’s dead!
My dad uses that excuse for everything, including why we had to leave the only town I’ve ever lived in to move to a dilapidated farmhouse with a terrifying past, and even worse lingering secrets.
It’s safe to say, I hate my life.
Starting a new school halfway through my senior year should offer a fresh start, but it’s easier said than done. I’m an outsider. How can I expect my peers to give me a chance when I’m that girl who moved into the Brawns house?
They don’t care about Sophie Brooks, and I don’t think I want them to.
Garver Brawns is rude and egotistical, and pretty much blames me for his ruined life.
As much as I hate him, I loathe being alone more, so I pretend to like him. He tolerates me. Maybe a little too much. It’s hard to start over when your past won’t let go. It’s hard to let yourself love when you know how it feels to have a broken heart. They say all good things come to those who wait, but nothing good will come out of this.
Nothing good at all.

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You asked for more, but a simple story wasn’t enough. I wanted to do something unforgettable with this beloved family everyone loves so much.
I want to give back in some way when the world seems to be falling apart everywhere else.

FIGHT LIKE A MITCHELL is a full length book told by multiple Mitchell family members.
They’re all coming together for a Breast Cancer Walk and Celebration.
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Happy July, Readers!

Please read this whole email, because I’m packing a lot inside of it.

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He never expects that one encounter will force him to grow up and be a responsible adult.

College graduate Kadence Rexler celebrated Spring Break with a bunch of her friends on a small coastal island. It was one night – a drunken hookup. That’s all it was supposed to be. Her return to the island isn’t something Caleb thought would ever happen.

Can two strangers come to terms with what they’ve done, or will their mistakes somehow disappear with the raging tides?

This is book five in the ongoing Oyster Cove Series.

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Only Death Follows is the first book in a new apocalyptic romance series from Author Jennifer Foor, writing as Canter Mills.
This series features a family divided, lost, and determined to find their way back to one another while everything around them is dying.
After a government created virus has killed ninety-percent of the world’s population, the few survivors must learn to live without the conveniences of electricity and running water and other modern day amenities. With the infected still contagious, and groups of rebel militia seeking domination, it’s a fight to remain alive. One family will stop at nothing to stay together and find refuge.
Book One features Nova Knox and her struggle to get her brothers to safety while the rest of the family is missing and possibly dead.


Everything has changed.
It’s a fight for survival.
Death is chasing us down, and no matter how far or fast we run, we’re staring it straight in the eye and daring it to take us.
I have one purpose; to protect my family.
Dead or alive, nothing will stand in my way.