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Writer’s Revenge


I am a member of a billiard league,and just like every sport, there are better players than others. A few nights ago a player, playing under a false skill level, proceeded to display his true shooting skills against our team in the playoffs.

I shoot pool to meet new people, and have fun. The drama that follows , as with every league, is not something I am interested in. Normally I will ignore the common a-holes that interfer with my good time. However, this particular douche set new guidelines for cheating and being unsportsmanlike. He proceeded to act like a dick for the rest of the match,making it impossible for both of our teams to get along.

My issue and resolve for this situation was the use of my brain. Without being verbal, I sat down and wrote a thousand word explanation to the director of the league.

So you ask what my reasoning is for writing this in my blog?

Moral of the story………Do not EVER piss off a writer. We will use words to ruin you!

The guy got kicked out of the league for being a cheater and not showing sportsmanship during play.

Carry on lovies! 😉

Funny things folks say


So as most of you know I am an author.
I think the best feeling is hearing reactions to your books. Last night I was at a friends when I recieved a message via my phone.

“I just want you to know I hate you”

I read that first sentence and felt nauseus. Had I really caused someone to hate me?

“For that ending….Now I have to wait until book four comes out!”

Feeling relieved that I don’t have a new enemy.

“Best book so far!”

An instant smile flashed across my face knowing that I had succeeded in giving the audience the jaw dropping ending I intended it to be.
Yay me!

My book series (The Somnian)


My book series is in the YA genre. It is about a 17yr old boy who loses his father tragically,then has to move to his mothers home town to stay afloat. A dear family friend,an old woman who happens to live next door, becomes more than Jesse could have imagined. As the first chapter unfolds readers learn that Jesse has the strictest mom ever,is lusting for his best friend Steph, and seems to be dealing with life changes the best he can. On his 17th birthday everything changes for Jesse when he begins to ascend,and learn that he is the chosen Somnian, a nephilim, and gate keeper to the portals of hell.

Throughout the rest of the book Jesse is faced with life altering decisions. He seeks refuge in the arms of his soul mate, and tries to protect everyone the best he can. I don’t want to give away any more details of the story line. I promise there is much more that I didn’t even hint about.

The reviews for this series have been excellent,including a review from a 36yr old man who stumbled upon the series and is now one of my biggest fans, even though he doesn’t even read this genre EVER.  Until now 😉

I hope you take the time to at least sample this book for free on Amazon. There is something for everyone in this series. Books one through three are available starting at just .99cents. Book four is set to release on June 1st.

The sunroom….


A white room with glass walls, lighthouse decor, and a gentle breeze. A rolltop desk closed,but a couch reclined to perfect comfort. An outline of my work sits on a table. The keyboard awaits my fingers as the curser blinks at a constant.
The cover sits tightly across the inground pool, while the dog runs across it chasing a bunny. Birds sing from the fence in unison,possibly discussing a lone worm squirming across the concrete.
The flowers are blooming and leaving a colorful landscape throughout the yard. Through the glass it is a breathtaking morning.
I hope your morning can be as tranquil.

Friday the 13th writing…


Today shall be filled with interesting imaginative writing. I find myself pondering on my questions today. Frankly, some would say that my lucky number 13 is a bad number to love. I ,however, love the number.  Today is my grandmother’s birthday…..”Happy Bday” ………. I also love black cats, which if you read any of my books you would notice. Superstition…..does it exist? Do we get ourselves all worked up for no apparent reason at all?
Yes we do…

So, on this day filled with Superstition, I plan on manifesting my own cosmic kind of energy to take me to great levels of writing. Maybe it will work…..I could travel to a new portal, identical to ours in appearance,but different in many other ways……

I highly doubt the probablity of that…….

Perhaps just knowing that some folks out there are barricading themselves in their houses today,to keep themselves safe from Friday the 13th Superstition, will be enough to give me a different outlook on writing. Maybe my dark side will manifest while I am petting my black cat. ….

Yes people are really hiding……

No I am not……

Happy 13th……. Don’t walk on any cracks,or under any ladders…

My ability to write fast.


I never write a story without a detailed outline drawn up first. In my handy dandy (Blues Clues) notebook I will first write out the details of the story line. On the following pages I then list what information I will need in each chapter.  When I have finally finished getting the story typed I do a re-read and add any additional information …where needed.

My notebook is huge……. Just sayin….

How many books?


How many books would one prefer a series to be? There are some writers, such as Charlaine Harris, that I could read daily. The Sookie Stackhouse series is an addicting favorite of mine. Some of the books are not my favorite, but I continue to love the series as a whole.

There are other book series that could stop at two books and never be thought of again.

Every once in a while I find myself reading a good murder mystery and wishing that another book would follow. I always want to know what happens next? Everyone can’t live happily ever after…..or if the character tragically dies, does the killer ever get caught?

Maybe I am weird I just hate being left wondering.

I know that it is impossible to end every story with no detail left unturned.

I just wonder if continuing series gives the readers that extra bit of story that some of us long to have. Sure, we could all end with one book, but what fun is that?

All of this ranting does have a purpose……What are your opinions?

Series or Single?

Which do you prefer and why?