Friday the 13th writing…


Today shall be filled with interesting imaginative writing. I find myself pondering on my questions today. Frankly, some would say that my lucky number 13 is a bad number to love. I ,however, love the number.  Today is my grandmother’s birthday…..”Happy Bday” ………. I also love black cats, which if you read any of my books you would notice. Superstition…..does it exist? Do we get ourselves all worked up for no apparent reason at all?
Yes we do…

So, on this day filled with Superstition, I plan on manifesting my own cosmic kind of energy to take me to great levels of writing. Maybe it will work…..I could travel to a new portal, identical to ours in appearance,but different in many other ways……

I highly doubt the probablity of that…….

Perhaps just knowing that some folks out there are barricading themselves in their houses today,to keep themselves safe from Friday the 13th Superstition, will be enough to give me a different outlook on writing. Maybe my dark side will manifest while I am petting my black cat. ….

Yes people are really hiding……

No I am not……

Happy 13th……. Don’t walk on any cracks,or under any ladders…

About jennyfoor

Hi, I'm the Best Selling Author of The Mitchell Family Series, Love's Suicide, The Kin Series, The Bankshot Series, Hope's Chance, Diary of A Male Maid, Twinsequences, and lots of upcoming TBRs. I like to write steamy books with lots of drama and a little fun. Contemporary Romance is my main genre. Sometimes my imagination is twisted and provides for amazing stories that I share with the world.

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