Fourth Book ………Amazing Revelations


So as most know, I am currently writing the fourth book in The Somnian Series. With the cliffhanger ending in the third book, I found myself off to a solid start. As I got through a few chapters I began to struggle with the depth of the book, and the direction that it was going.

I took a break…just a few days, to clear my head, and was able to bring new ideas to the table. In the past two days I have written over twenty thousand words.  Now it turns out that my fourth installment will end up being the biggest of the series, thus far.

I couldn’t be more excited about the outcome. High hopes are in store for the final few chapters.

I am predicting my fans will love this book as much as the other three, or maybe even more.

About jennyfoor

Hi, I'm the Best Selling Author of The Mitchell Family Series, Love's Suicide, The Kin Series, The Bankshot Series, Hope's Chance, Diary of A Male Maid, Twinsequences, and lots of upcoming TBRs. I like to write steamy books with lots of drama and a little fun. Contemporary Romance is my main genre. Sometimes my imagination is twisted and provides for amazing stories that I share with the world.

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