Book Four is complete!


ImageUpon completion of my fourth book in the Somnian series, I did a happy dance.  It takes A LOT of work to make a series flow and continue to grab readers with every page. I work hard to keep my readers on the edge of their seats, never knowing what will happen next. I enjoy hearing the reviews of people, especially when they finish one of my cliff hanger endings. For those who follow me on Twitter or Facebook…..I love the private messages. i.e. (Holy Crap!, NO YOU DIDN’T!, OMG!) It usually takes my readers a day or two after the release to start giving me opinionated responses. The shocked reactions are what I LOVE TO READ AND HEAR. I have literally had family and friends cuss me out over something that I have done involving one of their favorite characters. The series continues, resulting in a desperate need for answers. I love the anticipation. I want to shock, excite, and did I say shock? I hope that everyone loves this book, if not just as much, but maybe even more than the first three. I promise that it has action, romance, violence, suspense, magic and death. Doesn’t it sound interesting already?

Thanks for reading!


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