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Preface to Risking Fate


Risking Fate Book Four in The Mitchell Family Series By: Jennifer Foor…. All rights reserved


“Baby, just tell me what it says.”
Miranda stood in the bathroom just staring at the little white stick. She knew I was bouncing off the walls in anticipation. I slid in behind her and reached my arms around her tiny waist. She tried to prevent me from seeing the results. “Would you just wait a sec? It takes time for the pee to get to the end of the stick.”
I nestled my face into her neck, placing small kisses over her smooth skin. She smelled of peaches from some lotion she was trying out. I wasn’t sure if it made me hungry, but I found myself wanting to lick her skin. “This is torture. Can’t you hang the fucking thing upside down or something?”
“No, you can’t taint the test. It needs to lay flat on the counter. Chill! It’s three minutes!” She turned around and wrapped her arms around me, distracting me by slipping me her magic tongue.
Ha ha ha….She just said taint…
I knew what she was doing, so while I continued enjoying her kisses, I opened my eyes and tried to look past her. She caught me and pushed me against the bathroom wall, finally breaking her lips away from mine. “Hey?”
Miranda gave me those eyes she always gave when she was trying to get her way. Seduction was her specialty and her secret weapon. There was no need to restrain me, or tie me up; she had me at her disposal. If Miranda said jump, she knew I would do it. I’d do anything to make her happy.
It wasn’t as bad as it sounded. Of course, Colt and Conner claimed I was totally pussy whipped. The truth was that, I was crazy about my wife and my life. Miranda was my best friend before we had anything going on between us. In fact, it was our friendship that brought us together. It wasn’t like I was her love slave or anything like that. I was just one hundred percent satisfied in every aspect of my life. No other woman could ever give me all the things that Miranda gave me, and for that, I was forever grateful.
Miranda got quiet as she looked down at the stick. She turned around and held it behind her back, preventing me from taking a look myself. “Baby, please. I am dying here.”
She looked down to the floor, appearing disappointed. A knot formed in my stomach. “It’s just the first month. You know we are goin’ to keep tryin’. The doctor says it could take us a while.”
It was important for me to keep her hopes up even if I was disappointed.
Damn, I wanted her to be pregnant.
I grabbed her chin and pulled it up so she was looking me in the eyes. Her sad eyes began to change as her lips curved into a huge smile.
No fucking way…
The knots started turning into butterflies again. I knew that look. I picked her up and spun her around our bathroom. She started screaming and smacking me on my back to let her down. I slowed the spin down and stood her up in front of me. “Say it. I want to hear you say it, Baby, please.”
She backed up against the sink and ran one finger down my chest. “It’s positive. I’m pregnant.”
I don’t even remember if I pulled her into my arms, or she pulled me, but our lips met with the best celebratory kiss that anyone had ever had. “Baby, I love you so much.”
She giggled and tossed the stick into the trash. “I know you do.”
I smacked her ass and reached into the trashcan. “Don’t throw this away. I am carrying it in my pocket.”
“Ty, that is disgustin’! It has my pee on it.”
Several consecutive knocks on the bathroom door got our attention. We had been getting ready to leave for a weekend in Kentucky. Miranda was already brushing her teeth, in her bra and underwear when I opened the door. Izzy stood on the other side of the door. Her hands were on her hips as she looked up at me with those pretty blue eyes. “Can I help you?” I teased in a foreign accent.
“Daddy! When are we leaving? I want to play with Noah.”
“Honey, you know Mommy takes forever to get ready.” I felt a smack on my ass as I walked out of the bathroom toward Izzy.
I helped Iz get her bags together and loaded them into the car. She went running over to say goodbye to my parents, while I hurried back into the house.
Miranda came up behind me and grabbed the stick out of my pocket. “We aren’t takin’ this to Kentucky. We can’t tell anyone for a while. You know we have to wait till I am further along.”
Not what I wanted to hear. I was ready to run out the damn door screaming to the whole world that my wife was pregnant.
“How the hell do you expect me to keep a secret like this?”
She kissed me again and handed me a bag to carry. “Please, Babe. Just keep it between us for right now. Just to be safe.”
“But I want to tell Iz.”
Miranda rolled her eyes. “Tyler, seriously, can you please just keep it a secret between us?”
I grabbed the back of her pants as she was leaning down to pick up a bag. “Secrets suck. I want everyone to know my seed is inside of you.”
She shook her head and started laughing. “This is going to be the longest nine months of my life.”
“I have to tell Conner first.” I was joking, but Miranda’s eyes got huge anyway. She dropped the bag and shook her head. I pulled her into my arms and squeezed her tight. “I want everyone to know that you are carrying my spawn.”
She reached up and kissed my nose. “If you tell my brother that your spawn is growing inside of me, you may not live to see it being born.”
“I ain’t scared of his pussy ass. They all know we were just waiting for the go-ahead from the doctor. Did they think I was going to just wait a while? Baby, I wanted to impregnate you since I first laid eyes on your naked body.”
She started gathering up the bags again. “Can you please just not tell anyone? Not even Colt! Let’s just get through this visit and when we go back for Van’s shower we can tell everyone.”
I rolled my eyes and stuck out my bottom lip. “But I want everyone to know.” Even with her arms full of bags, I pulled her toward me. “Aren’t you at least a little excited?”
Once again, the bags dropped and I felt her hands cupping my cheeks. She looked me straight in the eyes. “I have never wanted anything more than I want to have your baby, Ty. You are already the best father I could ask for and I know you love bein’ one. I may not be runnin’ around screamin’, but I am so happy about this. My last pregnancy was rough. You have no idea how much I look forward to you bein’ there for this with me. I just don’t want to tell the family yet. Can’t we just share this together for right now?”
Don’ give me the puppy eyes……Don’t do it!
I kneeled down in front of her and removed her shirt to expose her bare abdomen. My lips pressed against her stomach and I held them there. “Our little secret,” I whispered. “Daddy loves you.” I stood up and grabbed the bags out of my wife’s hands, and stole a little peck. “I got these; now let’s get on the road.”
I was already a father, and a damn good one at that, but hearing that Miranda and I had created another addition to our family, well it was one of the happiest moments of my life. Izzy was going to have a brother or sister and Miranda and I were going to make our family even bigger.
My life used to be full of parties and fast times, like I was always trying to fill a void I could never figure out, but when I realized what that void was, I finally felt like I was complete.
My girls had given me happiness and our new addition was just going to make it even better.