Diary of a Male Maid Chapter 1 Preview



Diary Of a Male Maid
Written By: Jennifer Foor
Copyright © 2013 Jennifer Foor
All Rights Reserved
This book is a written act of fiction. Any places, characters,
or similarities are purely coincidence.


Chapter 1

If someone were to have told me that I would have been making this kind of money before I even finished college, I would have said they were insane. I wasn’t anyone that would have been considered a prospective success story. In my last two years of high school, I was more likely to be called the class stoner. I’d spent most of my time toking it up with my boys, instead of focusing on school. My GPA dropped, but my attitude stayed the same. My mother had to fight for me to get my diploma, and community college became my only option of furthering my education.
I wanted to be a business owner since I was a little; ever since the first time I stepped foot into a pawn shop. The idea of having my own store stuck with me, but, with my lack of initiative, it never left my back pocket full of ideas. After two years of community college and a lot of all night study groups, I was able to pull an A average in all of my classes. I was accepted into a four-year program, and began my adventure into a serious college environment.
Unfortunately, the economy hit my family hard, and they were unable to provide my tuition any longer. After much consideration, I dropped a couple of classes and started working two jobs, just to get by. With working more hours than I was sleeping, work became overwhelming, and I even considered dropping out of college. The problem was that I had literally turned my whole life around and I wasn’t willing to give it up because of a financial roadblock.
My girlfriend, at the time, had began cleaning houses as an easy source of income. She was doubling my income and working half the amount of hours that I had been. After she acquired too many clients to maintain herself, she offered me a position assisting her. Her clients were extremely rich and generous. They paid her well over what a normal house cleaner would receive and also tipped her for her good work.
My first day on the job was a bit overwhelming. I had never really had to clean an entire house before and had no idea what the job really entailed. Sure, the money was excellent, but the work was tedious. The first house we cleaned was for a rich family of a major business owner in the Baltimore area.
To protect the families involved, I have chosen not to provide any actual names. For the sake of the story we will call my first clients the Smiths.
Mrs. Smith was a forty something brunette with bodacious breasts and the most natural plump lips I had ever seen. She was very reluctant about me coming into her house without having a thorough background check done on me. My now ex, whose name is Karrie, explained that it was necessary for clients to be able to trust anyone new that came into their homes. I understood completely and provided her with all of my information to have a background check done.
The Smith’s house was on the schedule for twice a week. On Monday’s we would clean all of the bathrooms, the kitchen, and scrub all of the floors. On Friday’s we would vacuum, clean and change the sheets and tidy up whatever we had cleaned on Mondays. After two weeks, the job became easier, and between the two of us, we were able to do it in half the time that Karrie normally had to work.
We had been cleaning the Smith’s house for about three months before Karrie was offered an internship in New York City. Since she was studying fashion, and it was a dream opportunity that she couldn’t pass on. When she sat Mrs. Smith down to tell her the news, I was certain the woman would suggest she find someone else to clean her house. She never spoke to me much, and always made me feel a little uncomfortable, how she would follow me around and comment on my work. I was utterly in shock when she asked if I could stay on, provided that my workmanship remained up to her standards.
Even after cleaning for this family for months, I was reluctant the first day going there alone. The woman’s children were my age, and I knew she wouldn’t have wanted either of them cleaning someone’s house for income. I grabbed all of my supplies, and loaded them into my Jeep, and then headed to the exclusive community that the Smiths lived in.
Unlike when Karrie and I had cleaned the house together, Mrs. Smith greeted me at the door. She never even acknowledged us, usually until we had been there at least thirty minutes, so this was out of the ordinary. She had opened the door and leaned her head against the side of it, as I made my way up the stone landscaped sidewalk. “Hello Sebastian.” She looked me directly in the eye.
Ever since I was in grade school, everyone had called me Bastian, and my mom and sister sometimes called me Sebby, but never Sebastian. My mother’s fascination with the Little Mermaid left me with an absurd name, and the idea that somehow I was named after a shellfish.
“Hello, Mrs. Smith,” I said as I walked toward her, and proceeded into the house.
Mrs. Smith followed me inside and up the stairs to the bathroom, where Karrie and I had always started on Monday’s. “Is there anything that you need from me before you get started?” She asked.
“No, I think I am good.” I grabbed a bottle of Windex and got started on the mirrors.
She walked over and leaned against the sink. “Let me know if you do…need something.” She stood up straight and walked out of the bathroom, leaving me to work on the task at hand. Of course, cleaning that house took me double the normal time, due to the fact that I was now a one-man job.
Karrie texted me a couple of times. She seemed genuinely worried that I wouldn’t be able to handle the job alone. After five hours I finished everything on the list and approached Mrs. Smith for my check. She was sitting on the oak desk in the sunroom that looked out into the pool yard. The first thing I noticed was that her hair was wet, from a fresh shower, I assumed, and she was wearing a thin red robe made from a satin material. The robe hung open, and her matching red lace bra and panties were exposed.
When she noticed me walking in, and I noticed her, I turned immediately to avoid feeling even more uncomfortable. “So sorry Mrs. Smith. I didn’t mean to just walk in. I was just wanting you to know that I was finished and wondering if I could get a check for today.”
“Sebastian, darling, please don’t feel bad, I am not ashamed, if you aren’t.”
I still stood with my back facing her. The last thing I wanted to do was get caught staring at her breasts, which by the way, looked fucking amazing under that thin robe.
“If my appearance makes you uncomfortable, I can tie up my robe,” she suggested.
She was waiting for my response, in which I really didn’t want to give. I took a big breath and turned to face her and I noticed that she had hooked the robe and was standing in the front of the desk about three foot away from me.
“Sorry, you just caught me off guard. Next time I will call out your name, or knock before I enter the room,”
She gave a half smile, resulting in her plump lips stretching across her flawless face. “Maybe I don’t mind that you barged in at the very moment you did.” She grabbed a white envelope off of her desk, and as I watched, she tucked it deep into her cleavage, under the robe. “I have your money, but I was wondering if you would be interested in making a little more.” She licked her lips.
I considered that I was just imagining any erotic vibe I was getting from this woman. With what I got from working at her house, I was able to do away with my second job all together. I couldn’t afford to be assuming the wrong thing. “Sure, what type of work do you need done? Did you need a new filter in your vents, or is there a clog in a drain or something?”
I know how that sounded, but I meant it in a total professional way…
“Hmmm, something like that.” She approached me and grabbed the bin out of my hand that held my cleaning supplies. “Why don’t we sit these down over here?” She sat them on the floor beside the desk, and then she pulled on the tie to her satin robe.
As it opened, she approached me and positioned her body to be directly in front of me. She bit her bottom lip and looked me right in the eye. Then she took her right hand and ran it from her heart, straight down to her abdomen, concentrating on the cleavage across her breast. “Being home alone gets really lonely. Sometimes I feel like I have nobody to talk to.”
I stared at the woman’s supple breasts as the skin protruded out of the top of the red bra. I tried not to, but I couldn’t help it. “I am sorry that things are hard for you. You’re a beautiful woman. I am sure there are social groups you can become a member of, it isn’t necessary for you to spend your days pent up in this house.” I was feeling like if this were some kind of test about trust, I would hope I passed.
“I have friends dear, more than I can count.” She looked directly at me, and bit her bottom lip, sucking it before she let it go. “Do you like what you see?” She grabbed the robe on either side and let it fall to the ground.
I was a man, and this was a very bodacious woman. Of course I liked what I saw. I felt like I was in the twilight zone. Was this actually happening? Did I eat something bad and this was some sort of erotic dream? Maybe it was a candid reality show and my friends set me up.
The woman was almost naked in front of me.
The more I stared the harder my dick was getting. I considered my options, but only for a few seconds. Dream or not, I decided to take advantage. “Hell yeah, I like what I see.”
She stuck her finger into her mouth and once it was wet she drug it across the skin on one of her breasts. “I don’t believe you. Maybe you should touch me and show me.”
I stood there still for at least ten seconds just evaluating the situation. I hadn’t had sex since Karrie left, and it was hard to concentrate on chairs, or anything non-sexual for that matter, especially while this woman stood within inches of me.
“Do you want to touch me Sebastian?” She was still running her hand across her breast.
No! Say no dude!
“Then do it. Touch me, Sebastian.”
Just hearing my name roll off her tongue gave me butterflies, like I was thirteen again. Every guy wants to be seduced by Stiffler’s mom. I reached my now shaking hands over to her waist and gently ran my hands in an upward motion. When I got to where the lace of her bra started, I paused.
“Mmm, keep going Sebastian. Touch me. Please.” Her eyes were on my traveling hands.
From the moment my thumbs hit either side of that lace, I knew there was no backing out. My dick was taking control of the situation. I ran my thumbs under the lace and worked my way with both thumbs under the fabric to both breasts. My hands were now under the bra and nearing the nipples. She leaned her head back and held her arms against the desk once my fingers pinched both of them.
“Take it off. Please, Sebastian.” She pleaded.
I pulled my hands out from under the bra and reached behind her back, to unhook the red bra. My chest pressed against hers, and although I still had a shirt on, I could feel the heat coming off of her hot ass body.
I was both nervous and excited at the same time. My body was shaking with every touch.
As soon as I had the bra in my hands, I pulled it away from her supple breasts and very hard nipples. She climbed on the desk and turned back around the face me. Her naked breasts were calling my name, and I quickly approached Mrs. Smith, using my hands as a guide.
I leaned down and kissed the skin between her breasts. Slowly, I worked my way in small kisses down to her hard nipples. All I could think about was having them in my mouth. Still, I looked up at her to get her approval. I was still semi prepared for her to slap me at any time.
“Lick my nipples, Sebastian.”
Well, shit! Sounds like a go-ahead to me.
I cupped one of her breasts in my hand and ran my wet tongue across her nipple, just how she had asked me to. She threw her head back and bite her lip. “Yes, that feels so good, Sebastian. Now use your teeth. Bite it.”
With her breast still cupped in my hand, I licked her hardened nipple once more before dragging my teeth against it. I took my open mouth and bit down on her nipple, gentle enough that I could drag my tongue against the tip, while it was still in my mouth. Mrs. Smith seemed to enjoy it, as she let out a moan that made my dick harder than it already was.
I am not one to leave someone left out, so I moved over to her other nipple. I sucked on it hard, making the shape pointed almost. I licked it fast, causing a wet band of saliva to drip down from it. I blew on it, causing the cold air to make Mrs. Smith moan again. While pinching the other nipple, I took this new one into my mouth, dragging my teeth back and sucking at the last minute.
Mrs. Smith grabbed my head and pulled my face up to hers. Instead of kissing me, she licked my bottom lip, and pulled away just waiting for my reaction.
“Take off your clothes Sebastian,” She ordered.
I backed away from her and ripped my shirt off and over my head. When I unbuttoned my pants, I watched as Mrs. Smith slowly took her hand and slipped it into her lace panties. She spread her legs and began watching me undress, while she rubbed herself beneath the red lace.
“Oh Sebastian. Do you have any idea how badly I want you to fuck me?”
Holy shit! This has got to be the best freaking wet dream of my life.
I don’t even remember the removal of my pants. Once I had removed them and my shoes, I stood there facing this naked woman, with a massively hard dick.
“Kiss my panties Sebastian. Lick them from bottom to top,” she moaned the orders.
She backed herself onto the desk a little further, still biting her bottom lip in anticipation, as I leaned down and ran my tongue over the red lace panties. I could smell her sex, and I wanted nothing more than to rip them off and lick her soft lips. She was so wet that it was leaking through her panties as I licked them. I could taste her on my tongue and I craved more. I reached my hand across her thigh and lifted her panties so that I could touch her wet pussy. My fingers slid in between her lips, feeling how wet she really was.
“Taste your fingers, Sebastian.” She played with her own nipples, running circles with her fingers over each of them.
I pulled my fingers out from under her panties and shoved them into my mouth, tasting her sweet musk. I’d never been so horny in my life.
“Take off my panties. I want to feel your tongue on my pussy.”
I ripped off her panties like they were on fire. The red lace went flying somewhere behind me, as my head rushed in between Mrs. Smith’s legs. She was so wet, and unlike some people, it turned me on. I licked her clit, and slid two fingers deep inside of her.
“Oh Yes! Oh, Sebastian. Please don’t stop,” She cried out my name again.
I made my tongue hard and pushed it against her clit, causing the pressure it needed to explode. I could feel her coming as her pussy tightened against my fingers, sending them sliding out of her. I lifted my head up and rubbed her wet pussy with my fingers once more.
“Oh, yes!”
All of my hopes to finish off the deal were crushed as she stood up from the desk and reached for her robe. She leaned down and grabbed the white envelope that had dropped on the floor.
“This was by far the best work you have done so far, Sebastian. I may need to suggest your skills to my friends,” she whispered in my ear as she kissed me on the lobe and walked out of the room. I turned around, still naked, watching her walk up the steps. “See you Friday.” She disappeared up the steps.
I can barely remember getting dressed and driving out of her community. When I got home I needed to take a cold shower and masturbate, twice. I hated washing her scent off of my face, being that it turned me on so much and I swore at any moment I was going to wake up from the incredible dream I was having.
Once I got out of the shower, I collapsed on my bed, only wearing a towel. The white envelope was lying across the bed in my jeans. When I opened the envelope, I noticed a white piece of paper and unfolded it.
Your work is impressive. I hope you will continue to give me 100%.
Mrs. Smith
Inside the envelope was five hundred dollar bills.

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