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Mitchell Family Book 7



Are you caught up on the Mitchell Family Series? Did you know the newest book will be released on June 7th?

Blinding Trust is told by Savanna and Colt.

The book starts where book 6 left off. The family is at Conner and Amy’s oldest daughter’s fifth birthday party.

Once the family arrives home, Colt is visited by someone from his past, (KRISTA’S BROTHER)who has changed his name to Zeke. He is a recovering addict and the lead singer of a popular rock band.
Zeke is only visiting for one reason.
He wants to know the nephew he hasn’t seen in ten years.

Colt and Savanna do not want their son around someone like Zeke. His lifestyle is no good for a curious ten year old.
When they put their foot down, Zeke brings in his fancy attorney to persuade them to change their minds.

In the meantime, Savanna struggles with her relationship with Noah. He blames her for not being allowed to hang out with Zeke and a wedge is formed between them, breaking apart the tight bond they’ve always shared.

To make matters worse, while Colt tries to keep the peace between his family, Savanna gets news pertaining to herself  that could change everything.
Who she chooses to share that information with is what complicates things even more.
This seventh edition involves family secrets and what can happen when trust is blinded.

Hustle Him


Hustle Him was released on May 8th. Many of you have already read this emotional rollercoaster. If you haven’t read about Ramsey and Vessa, what are you waiting for? Run….don’t walk, to your night stand and load it on your device.
Love Loss Faith Family
Xoxo J4

Mitchell Family Series


More Mitchells are coming. Who is as excited as I am?
I will be doing giveaways in the next coming weeks to celebrate.
You’ve all been so patient………
I wish I could tell you what’s in store for this next installment.
Lots of drama
Lots of love
What kind of Mitchell book would it be without those factors?
Xoxo J4

Upcoming Information


Books to be released this summer:
Mitchell Book #7 is looking to come out some time in June.

Heather’s story (the villian from The Mitchell Series) is looking to come out in August.

I have another book I am working on about twin women fighting for the heart of the same man.  There is no release date for that one yet.


Book Bash in Orlando Florida June 29th.

Naughty Mafia Vegas at Hard Rock Cafe Aug 16_20

Pittsburgh PA Oct 19th

Richmond VA Dec 14th

Charlestown SC Feb 2014

CHICAGO – May 2014

I hope to see some of you at these events.

Xoxo J4