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All About Me


I’ve got so many new likes and followers that I figured I’d say a few things about what I have out there. 

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I’ve got lots of new likers. Thank you for the support.
If you’re new here, I just wanted to say hello and let you know what’s new and even old.

I am the author of The Mitchell Family Series. It starts with Letting Go, which is currently .99 cents to start.
The series is based on three cousins and how each of them finds romance in their own ways. Each book is told by a different character and their love interest. It’s full of hot scenes and even more angst. These books should only be read in order as the story continues with each one.

I also have a billiards series out. The Bankshot Series is two stand alone books that can be read out of order. Hustle Me is about a young and determined pool player that comes back to a town he once left behind. He runs into someone he can’t help but feel drawn to. Have their paths already met before??
The Second book, Hustle Him, is about a woman who has run away from a cheating husband. She’s a bartender and finds herself raising her two children in a quiet W Va town. The sheriff there has his own hidden past, including a wife and child that died tragically. These two have to learn to trust and love again, but it isn’t as easy as one may think.

Love’s Suicide – My newest Best-selling standalone, is told by Katy, a young woman who lost everything at the age of twelve. 9-11 impacted this character and she was left to live with friends of family. From early childhood she’d fallen in love with their two twin boys and when they become teens she realizes she has to choose between them. That choice rips them apart and it isn’t until later on in her life that she realizes she’s picked the wrong brother. Follow Katy through her struggles and heartache in this angst-filled romance.

The Kin Series.
Like the Mitchell Family, the Kin Series is about cousins. Each book is dual POV and finds these men looking for love in all the wrong places. Book one is about Ford Cooper. It’s hot, i’m not even going to sugar coat it. If you want swoon mixed with erotic, you’ve got this book. This series should also be read in order.

Speaking of hot…. Diary of a Male Maid
Sebastian is in college, working to get through. When a job opportunity comes knocking at his door, he finds himself thrown into some shady situations, including a lot more than cleaning houses. This is a dirty little book filled with so much sex that you’re sure to get flustered.

Twinsequences is another hot book following TWINS as one is the good and the other is the bad. Find out what one sister will do to keep the other from a happy ever after.

Hope’s Chance was my first Contemporary Erotic book I wrote when I transitioned from YA to Adult. It’s about a young lady that has to go live with her estranged father. She’s miserable until she meets the secretive man living in her dad’s pool house. Now it wouldn’t be fun if I didn’t make it hard for them, would it? They are forbidden from being together because of this man’s shady past. But that doesn’t stop them. You’ll have to read to see if they can find a way to be together.

And Finally, my newest WIP is a SPINOFF of The Mitchell Family Series. The children have all grown, all ten of them. Each one, starting with the oldest will get a book, explaining how, they too, found love. Noah comes out in May. You better get started on the original series, if you haven’t already. 10 books can take a long time to read.