Lustly News



The release date for my upcoming novella titled Lustly is June 16th. The book will be .99 cents as an ebook, and I will also be offering the paperbacks for a low price. 

The book trailer can be found at


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Here is a snippet

“The session ended.”

I covered my body with my hands, even though she’d seen all of me. “What does that mean?”

“It means you’re done for the day.” She traced her fingertips over my arm, and I wanted to pull away, but I couldn’t. I found myself wanting to kiss her with my eyes open. “Did I make you feel good?”

How could I lie when she already knew the answer. “Yes.” My face blushed with the admission.

“Just because you experienced a woman doesn’t mean you’re gay, Lily. You opened your body up to being satisfied. People have been doing it since the beginning of time.”

“I just had sex with two people at the same time. I had a threesome. I should feel terrible.” Oh my God, I was seriously going to Hell. I’d just decided my fate. That damn demon on my shoulder won again.

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