The Wrong Side of Rock Bottom (REVEAL)


Wrongside REVEAL.jpg

The Wrong Side of Rock Bottom


Coming October 14th 2016



Rogan Marks lost his wife to addiction. One month later his daughter was taken from him, the court appointing his unforgiving in-laws to raise her. When the system fails him, Rogan will go to extremes to get what’s left of his family back. He knows the risks, and who will come after him, or how the authorities will never stop looking.

The only choice for Rogan is to disappear – to hide amongst society.


Homeless – Lost – Desperate

How far will a father go to protect his child?

Who is he willing to trust to give her a better life?

When a beautiful woman comes out of nowhere and offers salvation can he accept, or is the risk of losing his precious child too much to consider?








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