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Last Chance to Preorder My newest.


Last chance to preorder my newest release, Repossess. It comes out Friday.

Repossess – Jennifer Foor
Coming February 24th
Last Chance to Preorder

Raised by my four brothers, I’m the poster girl of a
hot-mess. A sucker for cheating assholes and shitty friends.
It’s the reason I’ve come home.
The only reason!
I arrive to find the family business in shambles. My brothers have managed to run it into the ground. With new competition, the stakes are high, especially when I realize whose stealing all of the business out from under us.
Seeing him again isn’t the hard part.
I’m over Crane Lord, his cocky, dangerous sex appeal, his criminal ways of getting by, and how
he used to own every part of me.
He’s the enemy. I don’t want him.
I can’t.

*Contains Adult Language and Content. Some sexual situations*

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