Hey there! I am the Author of The Mitchell Family Series Book 1 Letting Go, Book 2 Folding Hearts, Book 3 Raging Love, Book 4 Risking Fate. I also wrote Hope’s Chance and a YA Paranormal Series called the Somnian. I like to write steamy books with lots of drama and a little fun. Contemporary Romance is my main genre. Sometimes my imagination is twisted and provides for amazing stories that I share with the world.

I also have an erotic short story series called Diary Of A Male Maid (Written as Genevieve Foor). (not intended for the weak at heart or anyone under the age of 18)

Family is most important to me.

Aside from writing, I run a company and raise two children with my High School Sweetheart

I also enjoy pretty much any other genre that offers a great first chapter to get interested in…..

I hate spiders, violence, idiots, and sauerkraut……not in that order!

I love people, especially fans of my work. I love to socialize. You can find me shooting pool (billiards), or lounging out by our pool in the backyard most off days.

I like to make people laugh, tell jokes, play pranks….I get that from my quirky grandmother.

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  1. Hi just finished the first 3 Mitchell family books in 2days can you tell me when the next 1 is due out please cant wait to read it

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