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Only Death Follows is the first book in a new apocalyptic romance series from Author Jennifer Foor, writing as Canter Mills.
This series features a family divided, lost, and determined to find their way back to one another while everything around them is dying.
After a government created virus has killed ninety-percent of the world’s population, the few survivors must learn to live without the conveniences of electricity and running water and other modern day amenities. With the infected still contagious, and groups of rebel militia seeking domination, it’s a fight to remain alive. One family will stop at nothing to stay together and find refuge.
Book One features Nova Knox and her struggle to get her brothers to safety while the rest of the family is missing and possibly dead.


Everything has changed.
It’s a fight for survival.
Death is chasing us down, and no matter how far or fast we run, we’re staring it straight in the eye and daring it to take us.
I have one purpose; to protect my family.
Dead or alive, nothing will stand in my way.



The Somnian Series is going Global!


Thanks to a group of fellow tweeters, my book series is going global. I have received reviews from people all over the world. I am thrilled for the progress that it is making, and I would like to say thank you to all.

Book five is really coming along, and so far, it is going to be the last book in the series. The characters have come to the final chapter in their stories, and I am very excited to share them with everyone.

Chapter One of Tommy Ford Zombie Chronicals


Below is the first chapter in the new Zombie series I am working on. Hope you like it!

Schools are supposed to be a place where people could go during a natural disaster. Who would have thought it would be where the epidemic would show its disgusting face. The chaos that has been left in lieu of today’s outbreaks are devastating, to say the least. I was fortunate to be in the guidance counselor’s office when all hell broke loose.
In fact, I was almost always in the guidance counselor’s office, on account of being bullied every day of my life. I am what I would call a nobody, or a loner. I am not a nerd, in the sense that I hate school and doing work. I am not in the band, but prefer my IPOD to any live instrument. I don’t play sports, well only the kind you can play with the television and a wireless controller. I find refuge in my XBOX and spending time alone. While other kids are going out and partying, I am completing missions for the military, slaying dragons, stealing cars, and fighting zombies, all from the comfort of my very own bedroom.
I was called down about a disturbance that happened yesterday on the bus. It seems that even though I don’t speak to anyone, and mind my own business, I am a threat to myself and others around me. When the call from the guidance office interrupted my Algebra class, and asked for me to report there, I gladly gathered my books and exited.
I had been sitting in the office, waiting for the counselor, when this loud boom occurred, feeling like an earthquake. The counselor for the lower classmen came running through, telling me to stay where I was. She returned shortly after, along with my counselor, and explained that a small plane had crashed about a quarter mile from our school. Apparently it was en-route from Washington D.C. to Dover Air Force Base. Since our school is located in the rural part of the Eastern Shore of Maryland, we rarely ever even see planes in the sky, unless they are crop dusters.
I could hear the sirens passing by a few minutes after the crash. The counselors and office staff were gossiping about it, texting their family and relatives for information. Around here everyone knows everyone. Our town is small, and although growing, it is still an old traditional town. Our fire department consists of volunteers, and who knows what type of training is required if any at all.
I remember when my neighbor’s house caught on fire. It was completely engulfed in flames, while a few of the guys stood around shaking their heads, refusing to go in. Thankfully, my other neighbor went running in and got the people out, seconds before it was too late. I am sure it isn’t always like that, but once you witness a hero being a pussy, it gives you a different opinion all together.
After the counselor neglected to come back in and attend to me, I pulled out my cell phone, that I wasn’t supposed to have in school, and started playing a game. I stuck in my headphones, which were attached to my hoodie, and cranked up the music. I didn’t care if I sat in this office all day, as long as it got me out of class.
Once the device started to get hot in my hand, I noticed that I had been sitting in the room alone, for over an hour. I looked around the small office, which consisted of a desk and computer with a chair, two guest chairs and a single bookcase, featuring a book for every teen dilemma known to man. Feeling curious, I picked up a book on teen relationships and started browsing through it.
My guidance counselor had always been nice to me. A couple years back, in my freshman year, I had a terrible break-up from my first real girlfriend. At the time I thought the whole world was going to stop spinning. The girl, whose name is Hillary, immediately got a new boyfriend. To make matters worse, we shared the same circle of friends, and she deliberately told them lies to make them hate me. I was able to retain a handful of loyal friends out of the deal. I should have known to never trust a pretty girl, who consistently lies about everything under the sun. Nowadays I just stick to myself, by considering relationships a DO-NOT-ENTER zone.
During the break-up from hell, I was forced to endure several classes with the ex. As a result, I was sent to the guidance office, when it became apparent to my fellow classmates, that I couldn’t handle being near her. My counselor was really nice. She sent me home with a great deal of material about coping with the loss of someone that you love, whether it be a death or a break-up.
I had to laugh because I never really read the material, in fact my mother found it in my room, and said I should just get over it. She said I never should have dated such a lying little slut. Leave it to my mother to make things so much easier. I could have dated an angel sent down from heaven, but she would always have my back if things went bad. I wondered if my mother had been called about the bus incident. Even if she had, she wouldn’t have punished me. If I had done something really wrong, she would punish me accordingly, but my mom had major issues regarding the way the school handled my particular situations.
A loud scream, coming from the hallway, sent the book up into the air. The guidance office was situated off the main hallway, but with the safety glass that surrounded the room, from the chair rail up, I could only see the opening to the main hallway. My view was restricted, to say the least. I watched through the glass door as a bunch of students went running by. More screams followed, but only more students were running from something that I was unable to see. Without waiting another minute, I opened the office door and began walking toward the main hallway.
When I got about a foot from the opening, I was trampled by someone that had whipped around the corner, throwing me to the ground. I noticed the blonde hair before anything else, due to the fact that some of it was now in my mouth. As she started to pry herself off of me, I began spitting out the strands of hair that blocked my ability from saying anything.
“We have to get out of here.” She said as she jumped up and ran in the direction that I had just come from.
“Wait! What is going on?” I asked while I watched her running.
I recognized her immediately. I had been clotheslined by, none other than, the Prom queen herself, Tabitha Fox. When God had given her family the name Fox, he wasn’t joking. The girl could make a guy kneel at her feet in awe. Her golden naturally blonde hair was always styled to perfection. She wore little to no makeup at all, except for around her eyes, where her long eyelashes accented the crystal blue color. She was one of those girls that someone like me looked at as she walked by, and hoped for just a whiff of her sweet scent. There were two things that I had noticed from our encounter so far; 1. Her hair smelled like heaven. 2. Her cheerleader uniform left no need for imagination. Her body was sculpted by a Greek God.
I snapped out of it as she came running back, grabbing my arm, pulling me back into the Guidance office. Once she closed the door and locked it behind us, I stood there staring at her.
She started pacing, ignoring the fact that I was in the room with her. “This isn’t real. This is just a bad dream. This can’t be real. This can’t be happening.” She was lightly smacking herself in the face and pinching her arm. “Oh My God!”
I got up the nerve to say something when curiosity got the best of me, and her ranting was giving me no information at all. “What the Hell is going on? Did someone get into a fight or something? Was there a stink bomb that went off in a wing of school?” I had no idea what she could be running and screaming for, but she was a girl, and a cheerleader at that. Let’s be honest, cheerleaders aren’t always the toughest girls, not in my experience. Not that I had much experience at all actually.
“No! It isn’t either of those. Do you have your cell phone on you?” She asked.
I grabbed the phone out of my pocket that still had the game I was playing on pause, and handed it to her. She looked at the phone, and then over to me, shaking her head. “It says that you have a low battery. I dropped my cell in the hallway.” She said as she started putting in a number.
She put the phone up to her ear, but pulled it away instantly when she realized it was on speakerphone. The operator had come on the line stating “All circuits are busy. Please try your call again later.”
I stood there watching her repeat the dialing process, with the same result.
“Why don’t you just try the phone here in the office?” I blurted out, realizing I was calling her an idiot for not seeing the landline sitting on the desk.
She rolled her eyes and grabbed the phone, pressing each line one at a time, searching for a dial tone. The tone that we got from each line was the same, a constant busy signal, like when the phone is off the hook. She looked up at me and then started crying, throwing her face onto the desk.
“Are you going to tell me what is going on or what?” I asked again.
She looked up at me; her mascara had started running down her tanned cheeks. “We are going to die. That is what is going on.” Then she put her hands into her face and cried.
Without knowing what she was talking about, left me even more curious. “If you aren’t going to explain I am going to go see for myself.” I said as I walked over to the door and started to unlock it.
I was thrown back, by yet another scream. The lights started to blink, and the power went out. Immediately the emergency lights came on, but it left for a lot less light. I looked in the direction down the hall and saw my guidance counselor walking toward the office. I couldn’t make out her face, with the low light, but I recognized her long pencil skirt, and floral blazer.
I turned around, looking at Tabitha. “Here comes the counselor. I am sure she can explain what is going on, and calm your nerves.”
Tabitha came flying toward me, as I grabbed the doorknob, turning it to allow the counselor in the office. “NO!” She screamed as she threw her body into the door and refastened the lock. I gathered my ground and stood beside her, noticing how large and fixed her eyes had become on what was now on the other side of the door.
Tabitha and I took a startling step backwards when the counselor came within our view, through the glass door. The last time I saw the women she was dressed sharply, but now her clothes were disheveled, and even one arm of her blazer had been torn from the seam. A crimson colored stain covered the left half of her clothing, from the shoulder down to the skirt. Her perfectly bobbed gray hair looked more like she had just gotten out of bed, instead of having spent a while perfecting it, like it always had looked. The most disturbing new attribute was her eyes, which were now a white iridescent color throughout. Her head was cocked to the side and she straightened it, in a reaction that was more like a bird. A giant chunk of her cheek was missing, and it answered what the stain on her clothing was from. She held her gaze on the two of us, as if she were looking through us. Her head moved like a puppet as she studied us.
Without lifting her arms, she walked right into the door. Of course having only weighed about a buck twenty, her body was instantly thrown back. To our amazement we watched as she repeated the same movement again, each time causing more harm to her already spoiled appearance.
I looked over at Tabitha, who was now breathing heavy, with wet, scared to death eyes. “This is unreal.” I said as I walked toward the door, to get an up-close look at what the counselor had now become. “Is this what you were running from?”
“As if you can’t tell that there is something completely wrong with that woman now?” She pointed to the counselor, whom was still throwing her body over and over against the door.
“While I admit there is something wrong with her, I have to believe that this is some kind of school wide prank. Seriously? Zombies? You do know how popular zombies have become. Perhaps the drama geeks are working on some kind of school wide project.”
She threw her arms down in frustration. “You freaking dork! This is not some kind of prank. I just watched the principal attack my boyfriend. I watched as he was then jumped and slaughtered by an entire group of those things. Most of the kids ran out of the exit doors screaming, but Jay and I were attacked from behind, and got separated from our class. They killed him in a matter of seconds. They just ate him alive.” She buried her hands into her face and sobbed.
Avoiding the fact that she just called me a dork, I reached over and patted her on the shoulder. I couldn’t believe that all of this was happening, but if it was somehow true, I knew that I had to get us the hell out of this school. “I am sorry about your boyfriend, but if what your saying is true, we only have a short amount of time before the whole place in infested with these things.”
“How do you supposed we are going to get out of this office with her in our way?” She asked while pointing to the counselor, still trying to bust her way through the door.
I looked around the room, considering every option I could think of. There were no windows in this office. The walls to the hallway were made from a safety glass, and I wasn’t sure how thick and secure they would be after long. I walked over to a door I hoped led to another office, but was met with just a small utility closet, filled with boxes of self-help brochures, from what I could see.
I pulled myself out of the closet and walked over to the door, studying the guidance counselor. We could hear her raspy gurgling, as she bounced her body over and over at the door. Each repeated time her head pulled away with more contusions than before. The gruesome sight was horrifying, but all I could think of was that there were more like her out there, and that if she had already became one of these creatures in this little amount of time, it was only a short period before we would be overrun and out of any escape options.
Suddenly, the counselors newest burst had cracked a thin line through the safety glass. Unlike any human response, she continued at the door, without hesitation.
“We need to do something. She is going to get through.” Tabitha stated.
I took a survey of the room, noticing books, a stapler, a phone, but nothing in view that could act as a weapon. My hand ripped open the desk and searched for any kind of weapon that had perhaps been removed from a troubled student, at some point in time. Tabitha noticed the letter opener before me. She grabbed it, and studied the small metal object, with regard as to how she could use it. I closed the desk and headed in the direction of the closet again. A fire extinguisher hung on the wall, and I ripped it away quickly.
Tabitha let out a scream as the counselors head had now made a huge dent in the glass, and within two more blows she had cleared away a circle of glass the size of a melon. Instead of continuing to walk into the door, the newly turned creature now had her mouth shoved through the hole, as if she we reaching out to be fed.
“Oh my God! We are going to die in here.” Tabitha cried out, while backing herself against the desk.
“Did you see anyone fighting these things?” I asked.
“No, everyone was running. I ran as fast as I could, without looking back. There was no time to study these things.”She said, while giving me a dirty look.
I shook my head. “I didn’t mean it like that. I didn’t expect you to take notes. Look, we need to work together to get out of here. If this is really happening, than it could get very brutal and we may need to fight to stay alive.”
“How do you propose we get out of here? We are trapped in an office, while one of these things has us barricaded in.” Tabitha said as she pointed toward the door, stating the obvious.
What she didn’t know was that I had battled zombies for years. It may have been on video games, but I know for a fact that people have landed planes from learning how on video games. If the world was really entering into a zombie apocalypse, I may be considered an expert at the know-how part of it all.
“When you are ready we are going to make our move. You need to be ready though.”
She put her arms on her hips. “What do you mean ready? Before we go out into that hall with those freaks, I want to know what the plan is.” She stated.
“I can take care of the problem at the door. After that…….well…we will have to make a run for it. Our best bet would be to get to the principal’s office, and get into her collection of disposed weapons, which I can only assume she has. We need to arm ourselves if we are going to make it out of here alive, and I don’t think that having a letter opener and a fire extinguisher is going to cut it.”
She held her hands at her sides, but started shaking them like they were wet. “This is just a bad dream right? This isn’t real. I can’t die like this.”
The hole to the office door was now big enough where the bloodied counselor had her entire head through. Her gurgles were more pronounced and the brutality of death shone across her now skinless face. Each blow of the glass has ripped off more and more skin, leaving dripping blood and exposed dead tissue.
“Look, I want to live. You can come with me, or stay here and fend for yourself. You decide!” I said, without regard to her feelings. We were running out of time. Most zombies on television couldn’t open doors with their hands; in fact their bodies were usually dead. What controlled them was their brains, and the hunger for blood.
I walked over to the door, to get one last look at the creature up close, this was going to be the safest look I could get without endangering my life anymore than it already was. The woman shoved one of her lifeless hands through the hole, almost scratching me on the face. Her head moved from side to side as she studied me, backing away.
The adrenaline started to run through my veins, as the close call had come into play. I grabbed a chair with metal legs from the front of the desk, and ripped a leg off of it, causing the torn metal to be jagged and sharp. I never hesitated when I took the metal chair leg and shoved it through the counselor’s bloodied head, causing her to collapse to a lifeless halt against the door.
Tabitha’s reaction was a loud scream, as she stood in horror after watching what I had done. I approached her and she backed away from me. “You just killed her. You just killed someone.”
“She was already dead.” I reached out my hand to her. “If you want to live you need to come with me now.”
“I can’t move. I am afraid.” She explained.
I didn’t wait for her to accept my offer. Instead I grabbed her hand and headed toward the door.

Fourth Book ………Amazing Revelations


So as most know, I am currently writing the fourth book in The Somnian Series. With the cliffhanger ending in the third book, I found myself off to a solid start. As I got through a few chapters I began to struggle with the depth of the book, and the direction that it was going.

I took a break…just a few days, to clear my head, and was able to bring new ideas to the table. In the past two days I have written over twenty thousand words.  Now it turns out that my fourth installment will end up being the biggest of the series, thus far.

I couldn’t be more excited about the outcome. High hopes are in store for the final few chapters.

I am predicting my fans will love this book as much as the other three, or maybe even more.

Funny things folks say


So as most of you know I am an author.
I think the best feeling is hearing reactions to your books. Last night I was at a friends when I recieved a message via my phone.

“I just want you to know I hate you”

I read that first sentence and felt nauseus. Had I really caused someone to hate me?

“For that ending….Now I have to wait until book four comes out!”

Feeling relieved that I don’t have a new enemy.

“Best book so far!”

An instant smile flashed across my face knowing that I had succeeded in giving the audience the jaw dropping ending I intended it to be.
Yay me!

My book series (The Somnian)


My book series is in the YA genre. It is about a 17yr old boy who loses his father tragically,then has to move to his mothers home town to stay afloat. A dear family friend,an old woman who happens to live next door, becomes more than Jesse could have imagined. As the first chapter unfolds readers learn that Jesse has the strictest mom ever,is lusting for his best friend Steph, and seems to be dealing with life changes the best he can. On his 17th birthday everything changes for Jesse when he begins to ascend,and learn that he is the chosen Somnian, a nephilim, and gate keeper to the portals of hell.

Throughout the rest of the book Jesse is faced with life altering decisions. He seeks refuge in the arms of his soul mate, and tries to protect everyone the best he can. I don’t want to give away any more details of the story line. I promise there is much more that I didn’t even hint about.

The reviews for this series have been excellent,including a review from a 36yr old man who stumbled upon the series and is now one of my biggest fans, even though he doesn’t even read this genre EVER.  Until now 😉

I hope you take the time to at least sample this book for free on Amazon. There is something for everyone in this series. Books one through three are available starting at just .99cents. Book four is set to release on June 1st.