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A seriously erotic short story series that should only be read by open minded adults :)


ImageMy husband, my biggest fan, suggested that I write an erotic series (Under my pen name Genevieve Foor)

Diary of a Male Maid is a series of short stories revolving around a regular college student, who is forced to start paying his own tuition. He falls into a position cleaning houses, and at first things are straight forward, but when his partner in the business leaves for New York the clients become a bit more needy. Sebastian becomes a sex slave to his first client in the first short story. He starts getting paid extreme amounts of cash for his extra services, and the benefits are overwhelming.

In the second edition Sebastian takes on a new client who prefers a Dom/Sub relationship. He is seduced by this new situation, and enjoys the money too.

The third edition of the series is about a one night stand Sebastian has when he is off of work. What seems like an honest hookup ends up being a seduction by one of his customers college age daughters.

If you like fifty shades and steamy erotic stories, then these little shorts may be something you should try. They start at just 99 cents and average at least 25 pages.

Happy Bedtime Stories.